How does Borgolingua operate?
Borgolingua organizes Italian language courses with a communicative approach, so as to learn Italian while discovering the Lazio Region.  Borgolingua organizes tours in the week and in the weekend and offers a broad range day-activities.

How was the project born?
The idea for Borgolingua s.n.c. was conceived in the autumn of 2013 by Elisa Morsicani and Eugenio Marchetti. After ten years of studies and experiences in Italy and abroad, they decided to create a project that would valorize the small villages’ cultural heritage by combining the beauty of Lazio and teaching Italian to foreigners.


What do our classroom lessons consist of?
Each lesson is an hour long. The course material is selected from publishing houses we consider to be the most inventive. Our teachers provide specific multimedia material for each class. The courses are designed for every level and need: light, standard, intensive, individual and long-distance courses.

Where do the lessons take place?   
In May, 2014, with the cooperation of Sermoneta’s Agricultural University, Borgolignua acquired a number of classrooms in an ancient XV century building. The classrooms are large and bright, with a breathtaking view of the Circeo National Park.

What’s a "lesson on the go”?
An Italian lesson combined with guided tours, workshops and excursions. Lessons on the go are developed in collaboration with our partners: a strong network of people and associations offering creative and inspiring activities. Sermoneta’s cultural vitality has made this possible.
What are the itineraries?  
They are linguistic and cultural activities, developed in collaboration with different local associations that for years have been promoting excursions, guided tours and artisan knowledge. You can book a five day itinerary, a weekend experience or one of a few hours.


How qualified are the teachers?
Our teachers are all graduates in Italian Literature with masters and specializations in Humanities. Our course coordinators have all received DITALS 2 qualifications, a certificate issued by Siena University for proficiency in teaching Italian to foreigners.

How does Borgolingua allow an authentic experience in Italian culture?
Everyone will have the chance to meet the local people, creating new friendships and bonds that may last a lifetime. By choosing Borgolingua you will experience a sincere and authentic community, rather than the anonymous districts of the city, which will be self-evident from the very first day.

How do language tutors operate in Borgolingua itineraries?

We offer a language tutor to help you throughout the whole experience, proposing activities, tours, restaurants, films and shows. You will never be on your own and will always have someone that can speak English, French, German or Spanish to make the best of your stay.

Why choose Sermoneta to learn Italian?
In Sermoneta, with its history, art and natural surroundings, you can enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of a small medieval town that isn’t too far from Rome. From there you can reach the centre of Rome in 30 minutes by train. Sermoneta is also 20 minutes from the sea and from Circeo National Park.


Who are Borgolingua courses and itineraries ideal for?
Borgolingua was created for those who desire to experience the Italian culture and language to its fullest. For those who wish to deepen their passion for art, history, food and wine. For those who are already studying Italian abroad, but for beginners as well. For those who don’t want to be just a tourist, but a real traveler.

Does it offer anything for companies, CRAL associations or work teams?

Borgolingua organizes linguistic and cultural activities approved by CRAL (Italy’s Employees’ Recreational Facility), institutions, foundations and international organizations. These are team-building experiences where a reliable language tutor guides the participants throughout the whole journey.

Does it offer anything for foreign students in Rome?
Borgolingua created "IO STUDIO A ROMA”: a language support program for foreign students studying in Rome in need of a language tutor for their tests, research and entrance exams. Our teachers can also help students with any bureaucratic problems concerning their study course.
Does it offer anything for Italian language schools in Italy?
Borgolingua organizes field trips for Italian language and culture schools in Rome or other Italian cities. These are one day trips that don’t involve an overnight stay. They do include a three hour lesson, a workshop and an evening activity to choose among the ones we offer.